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Collective society in the city.


Collective society in the city.

July 25th, 2016 / “Entre Rayas”

Hernán Orbea

The term “urbanism” is used more every day, perhaps this is because the overwhelming majority of us live in cities.  This is where we fulfill our needs, develop our habits and interlace our interests.  We try to imagine sustainable cities even though they are the most complex expression of human social development.

The role certain specialists took when studying and planning the city had neglected the needs of the common citizen, because, it was assumed that urbanism was such a highly complex discipline comprehensible only to the specialist in conceiving its utility.  The amplification of information media, the large-scale use of social media, and the myriad of ways social groups organize by interests, have defeated the hegemony held by specialists, and have tied the citizenship to the decisions that concerns and affects them.

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