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Color begins to permeate Quito’s plazas.


Color begins to permeate Quito’s plazas.

El Comercio

March 12, 2016 / Erika Cuarashi.

(…) Specialists are enthusiastically embracing the concept of a more colorful panorama at the Jose Navarro park.

Urbanist Hernan Orbea finds that it is “quite curious but very refreshing that this new and interesting reactive urban design includes the park itself as part of the intangible heritage and urban iconography, without modifying its use or socio-economic dynamic, instead being considered key elements in generating the proposal”.

Mauricio Moreno, dean of architecture of the Universidad de las Americas, adds that the impact of the proposal depends on its proportion, its s balance, and whether the space is appropriate.  “It will work as long as it is framed within a larger vision”.

To read or download the full article, click on the following link: el-comercio_29_02-16



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