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Granados Avenue as a new development hub.


Granados Avenue as a new development hub.

El Comercio

February 29, 2016 / Isabel Alarcon

Granados Avenue has evolved, from connection between Quito and its eastern valleys of Cumbaya, Tumbaco and Puembo into a node of urban and commercial development in the city.

Shopping centers and clinics; car dealers, convenience stores, and even a university have cropped up among residential urbanizations making a very diverse urban landscape throughout the length of the avenue.

Additionally, there is the recent inauguration of the new bypass at El Ciclista roundabout and the opening of Ecopark Plaza with its corporate towers.  To top it all off, construction of the new Granados-Eloy Alfaro-Rio Coca bypass is set to begin the second week of March.

The sudden development of the area has been a “detonator of change” in the area, explains Jacobo Herdoiza, secretary of Territory, Habitat, and Housing of the Municipality of Quito.  He believes that the city is configuring an entrance to its HyperCenter.  What used to be a high-speed hub in El Ciclista is quickly becoming an urbanized zone.  Buildings feature modern architecture with contemporary design.  Further down the avenue auto mechanics, car washes, and convenience stores crop up, adding to the commercial growth.

This neighborhood already was highly residential, but now its structure is more “organic”, says urbanist Hernan Orbea Travez.

Being an area with a high volume of traffic, it is highly favored by commercial ventures and the neighborhood is filling up with a wide range of businesses.  It might even become an analogue of Republica de El Salvador avenue.

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