Award: Second Place “Concurso internacional de ideas Plan Maestro de Intervenciones del Centro Histórico de Asunción”

Area: 5.927,63 m2

Location: Centro Histórico, Asunción, Paraguay

Year: 2014


The historic center of Asuncion is a social, environmental, historical and economic asset of Paraguay; its revitalization depends on its regenerative capacity through innovative processes that constantly reinvent themselves. The Paraguay river space is where various social groups converge and serves as both a meeting place and civic reconciliation.

The ASUMIR Project will become the historic center of Asuncion in a creative, innovative, organic center, and a landmark in the region; through strategies that propose specific objectives to territorial vocations of each sector.

The strategic objectives are met with a specialized product via three unique strategies that aim to improve the 5-axis of the Historic Center (urban, environmental, economic, tourist, cultural and management). The final result is a comprehensive networks of multiple systems collaborating to improve the territorial vocation.